Yakinuku salmon on baby arugula with brown butter brussel sprouts. Homemade bacon as a garnish. #foodiestuff #paleo

Sous vide pork cheeks @ 62c for 72hrs, refried beans, habenero salsa, guacamole, topped with cilantro and choita cheese. #foodiestuff #nomiku @Nomiku#sousvide @modernistcusine

Fanday Friday: Sous Vide Oxtail Poutine!



bonerep's Sous Vide Oxtail Poutine made us weak in the knees. This looks SO good. 

He sous vide some oxtail and garnished with blue cheese and cilantro and topped with a quail egg. Now THAT is good eating. How can you say no to perfectly cooked meat a top gravy, cheese, and fries? 

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Happy eating,
The Nomiku Team

After a long day at work this and a glass of wine makes it all worth while. @knifefightesq #foodiestuff #workinforalivin

Sous vide Ox tail poutine. Garnished with blue cheese and cilantro. Topped with a quail egg. #foodiestuff #nomiku @eatnomiku #paleo #sousvide @modernistcusine

Ox Tails sous vide @ 100hrs @ 60c. On polenta crisps with a homemade beef and vegetable puree and garnished with cilantro. The butter added Ox tail had that buttery flavor but no difference in texture. Both fall off the bone and tender. #foodiestuff #nomiku @eatnomiku #sousvide @modernistcusine

Ox Tails simmering away. 48 hrs to go. #nomiku #sousvide @modernistcusine #paleo @eatnomiku